Socially Responsible Investments

Types Of Accounts

Accounts That Fit Your Goals

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Halal Invest 009


Our most common retirement account that lets you avoid taxes today and pay them after you retire.

Halal Invest 008


A popular savings account that lets you avoid taxes on the gains you make over time.

Halal Invest 007


Our most common taxable account for the extra money you want to invest after maxing out your RRSP and TFSA.

Halal Invest 006


Helps save money for a child’s education while lowering tax burden, taking advantage of government matching.

Halal Invest 002


For those 71 years of age and older, who would like to convert their RRSP account.

Halal Invest 001


For accounts with multiple owners, such as married couples and business partners.

Halal Invest 010


If you have a pension from a former employer but are not yet retired.

Halal Invest 011


For businesses that want to take advantage of lower corporate income tax rates.